Booking St Peter's

For all enquiries regarding availability, conditions and prices please email the parish administrator, William Barber:
Be sure to include your name, contact telephone number, organisation, requested date and as much details as possible about the content of the event. William works weekday mornings 9:30-11:30am, and will respond as soon as possible within those hours.
St Peter’s is open for bookings for numerous events:
  • Weddings
  • Funerals
  • Baptisms
  • Gallery space
  • Meeting spac
  • Concert/Performance/evening events
  • Whole day events e.g. retreat day
  • Other acts of worship
  • Other
Event Guidelines:
For weddings, funerals and baptisms:
Please see here for the diocesan prices of weddings and funerals. Baptisms are done for free, but we do require you to meet with the minister and go on a baptism preparation course. We also offer thanksgiving as an alternative service for the dedication of a baby or young child. 
For Gallery space:
We have a diverse set of spaces where art work can be displayed for short periods of time. The cost is reflected in the period of time and the spaces you wish to use. We also require assurance the work does not contradict the teachings of the Christian faith. Our costs are very low and could be waived in certain circumstances. Please contact Laura to discuss your needs.
For meeting space:
We have a small and pleasant meeting space which is used for trustee meetings, one to one counselling etc. If you would like to book that space we charge £10 per hour for non profit organisations, and £25 per hour for commercial organisations. Refreshments for your meeting can be arranged with prior discussion with the cafe.
For concerts, performances, evening events:
We are very open to concerts, performances and evening events. As this is an active place of worship we cannot have any material that contradicts the teaching of the Christian faith. Please contact us if you are unsure.
Whole day events are complex as we run a six-day-a-week cafe, however, we are somewhat flexible and we do have a glass walled side room and a small meeting room which can be used as well. 
The costing of these events is flexible. Please provide as much detail of your requirements as you can when you contact us.
Other acts of worship
St Peter’s has a rich history in being ecumenical. If you have a desire to do a one off worship event, or a regular worship event contact us. We would love to discuss how to work together. 
If, somehow we have not covered your event booking please do email: and let us know what you would like and we will see how we can assist you

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