3rd Space

3rd Space @ the cross

Open every Friday 1pm - 5.30pm

And every Wednesday 11am – 3pm

3rd Space is actively building community in the heart of Chester city centre. We do this through offering a listening ear to visitors of the cafe and through building relationships. We provide therapeutic activities and wellbeing workshops to engage inclusively with those who are unoccupied during daytime hours forming a twice weekly touchpoint which is both consistent and supportive. Our current activities are:-

  • 'Wellbeing Uplift' a small group and/or one-to-one sessions, looking at ways to improve wellbeing;
  • 'Art for Wellbeing' workshop with reflective time and tips for wellbeing whilst therapeutically benefitting from expressive creativity;
  • 'Reading club' sharing short stories, poems etc & listening to one another;
  • 'Coaching Confidence' course, providing skills & tools to improve confidence & self-esteem in a supportive group;
  • 'Therapeutic Learning in Arts & Crafts' looking at how the arts can help individuals in their everyday lives.

Through all we do we promote the five key ways to good mental wellbeing:- connect, relate, be active, keep learning & give back. We encourage volunteering both within 3rd Space volunteer opportunities and within the St Peter's cafe and elsewhere. We signpost to other relevant groups and work in partnership with many other organisations.

For more information email: 3rdspace@chesterstpeter.org.uk or call 07587 201008

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